How to Set Up FTP in Vista?
Follow these simple steps to set up FTP in Vista using the default Network Location Feature.

1) Open My Computer and Right Click on an empty space.
2) Click Add a Network Location
3) You will get a new wizard to add a network location which allows you to create a shortcut to a website, an FTP site, or other network location.
4) Click Next and Click Choose a custom network location.
5) You will be asked to enter the location of the website. Note: when you give the location address for FTP use the following syntax, (FTP://

FTP Location

6) In the next step specify the User Name if you have any otherwise it will log on anonymously.

Specify Username

7) Give a name for this location by which you would like to refer later.
8)You will receive the message that you have successfully created this network location and click Finish.Now you will have a link for this FTP location in My Computer under Network Location.

Network Location

Double Click this link and you will be promted for password before log on. The rest is silence as its just like the normal browsing in windows.

FTP Logon Prompt

Note and Debug:

This feature will work only if FTP Folder View outside of Internet Explorer is enabled.
How to enable FTP Folder View outside of Internet Explorer?
Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet options -> Advanced
Under the section Browsing, make sure Enable FTP folder View (Outside of Internet Explorer) is checked and Click Ok.

Enable FTP folder View